This One Thing Changed the Way I Set Goals Forever

I don’t know why but setting my goals for this year was really really hard!! Was it for you or did you just breeze through them and easily knock out your list?????



Back toward the end of December, I had talked about the pressures of setting goals in the New Year and that I was struggling but I also decided that I was not going to fall into panic and stress. You can check out that post here.


I know this may seem ridiculous and you may be thinking……why are we still taking about setting goals, but just in case you haven’t set your goals yet, I want to encourage you. I have something that may help!


The one thing that helped me tremendously in setting my goals this year was to only focus on one WORD…..that’s it, I came up with one word for the New Year (actually it came to me) and from there my list of goals fell in to place. It practically wrote itself!


If you’re having a hard time focusing on and writing out your goals…..start with a single WORD. What one word will encompass your entire year???? Maybe you’ll be like me and your word won’t come to you when the world says it should on January 1st BUT that’s ok, if you set the intention and believe in your heart for your perfect direction and divine purpose, it will come!


So……… you want to know what my WORD is for 2015.


I’m sure when I tell you, you’ll think….REALLY???? All that hype for THAT word, lol 🙂


Ok…………so here it is………….drum roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My word for 2015 is PURSUE!! (I’m sure you’re like huh, LOL????)


Setting Goals


The word just stuck, it would not get out of my head so I knew it was for me!


PURSUE: the definition means to SEEK but the synonyms are even more amazing……to chase, hound, track down, dog, shadow, search for, search out, stalk, run after, go after, hunt down, trail, tag, follow close upon, move behind, scout out, nose around, poke around, keep on foot, follow up… strive for, aspire to, attempt….persevere, proceed, carry on.


To you, my word probably doesn’t have a lot meaning but your word will mean everything to you. It will characterize where you are right now in your life. Here’s a little of what PURSUE means to me:


  • I will PURSUE those relationships that are so important to me. Not just going through the motions, but really seeking and taking all the time I need to get it right. Whether it’s family, the right circle of friends, the right clients or my God….I’m diligently seeking and going after them.


  • I will PURSUE my dreams and goals……some have to do with interior design and some do not but they ALL have to do with people. I just made a list of 15 goals and they’re pretty crazy, they are not what I would have thought.


  • And lastly I will PURSUE growth……growth spiritually, emotionally and mentally (and even physically a little, lol). I have to pursue my inner most thoughts and convictions. I have to figure out exactly what I want out of this life, what I want to accomplish and who I want to be.


And maybe this all has to do with the fact that I’m creeping closer to 40 years old, or maybe it has to do with some of the family turmoil we’ve been going through, I don’t really know. All I do know is this… just feels right.


What about you…….do you have a WORD for 2015?? What is it? Is it helping you to reach some of your goals? How are you doing so far this year? What are you struggling with??


I’d love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment below with your thoughts. And here’s to an amazing year ahead, may you have success and prosperity in all areas of your life! xxoo




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