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Before and After: Baby Boy Nursery Design

Remember back a couple months ago I shared a little Sneak Peek of a sweet little boys Nursery that I had just completed? You can see the images here. Well I’m happy to say that my client’s precious bundle has finally arrived and they are happily enjoying their new space together!!

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Why You Should NOT Skimp on Window Treatments

Yep, I’m still going strong with my takeaways! Honestly, I think I could go on and on and on (but don’t worry, I won’t….we’re almost done here). This is one of my favorite topics to discuss because I do realize the importance of window treatments and I also realize this is one area that you DO NOT want to cut corners or skimp on budget – window treatments of course. The right window treatments can really make or break a space….not exaggerating here people!! See below to find out why.

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