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A Sneak Peek of the Projects We Have Been Working On

It has been an absolutely amazing Summer and I thought it would be fun to give you a little peek into all that I have been working on and what has been happening behind the scenes at Jennifer Reynolds Interiors.

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Before and After: Atlanta Residence Gets a Living Room Make Over

I have recently had the pleasure of working with a young couple to design and decorate their new home in Atlanta and I thought I would share a little of the progress. We started on the Main Level Living Room, Dining Room and Foyer.

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Huge Atlanta Home Furnishings Sale

I had an amazing time yesterday previewing and shopping the huge Atlanta Decorative Arts Sample Sale with one of my clients yesterday. The selection is amazing so if you haven’t made it yet be sure to check it out. It’s open to the public today, tomorrow and Sunday!! There are so many great pieces to choose from and a ton of lamps and accessories. I think we came away with a little of everything. Check out a sneak peak below!

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Project Sneak Peek: Precious Boy Nursery

This has been an exciting week for us! We installed a sweet Boy Nursery for one of our long time repeat clients. The room turned out to be precious and soft and everything that Momma-to-be could have ever dreamed of…..she absolutely loved it!!

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Project Update: Home Theater in Atlanta

I dropped by one of my job sites to check on progress today. We finalized some finish selections and I thought I would share a little of the progress with you. My clients had a wish list and must-have list a mile long and as you can see, the space is tight. We spent several weeks upfront on the floor plan and layout in order to get it just right.

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Project Sneak Peek: Client Presentation Tools

05/20/2012 | Categories: Business, Color, Decorating, Education, Furniture, Interior Design, Tips | Tags: , , , , ,

As an Interior Designer, I am always looking for new ways to clearly present my design ideas and concepts to clients. How can I show them what their space will look like before we even begin? How can I make them see what I see?

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Kitchen Renovation: Where to Start When Selecting Finishes?

01/10/2012 | Categories: Interior Design, Kitchens, Tips | Tags: , , , , ,

We are getting very close to wrapping up one of our latest projects….a Kitchen renovation. We were hired to completely redesign and renovate the Kitchen as well as the adjacent Dining Room and Keeping Room. I thought I would share the progress and how we got started with the finish selections. A Kitchen renovation can be very intimidating project to tackle but it doesn’t have to be if you know exactly where to start and how to select the proper finishes. An Interior Designer that has been through the steps a thousand times can be your best investment when renovating a Kitchen.

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Sneak Peek: Guest Cottage Retreat

10/6/2011 | Categories: Bathrooms, Decorating, Furniture, Interior Design, Services, Window Treatments | Tags: , , , ,

“They may never want to leave!” That’s the fear some home owners may have when designing an ultra fab guest retreat. This has been an amazing and refreshing project and we’re so close to installation day…..I can almost taste it! The part I love, as though like magic… day, a full transformation from an empty unimaginative space to something that looks like it jumped off the pages of a shelter magazine (well that’s the plan anyway)!

I would show you before pictures, but there isn’t any. It was a complete build from the ground up. We’ve located the new “Guest Cottage” above the new (additional) two sports car garage. As I’m sure you’re very well aware of, all great design starts with a well thought out and detailed plan. We’ve done the meticulous planning and preparation, we’ve done all of the specifying, selecting and expediting and now we wait. We’re waiting on a few construction details to be complete before we place the furniture.

So while we wait, I’ll share our plan with you…’s the furniture layout. I Believe it or not, we have Dining, Entertainment and Sleeping all located neatly in one small space. Can you spot them all?


Here’s our proposed concept finish board….almost every stitch of furniture has arrived and I can’t wait to get everything put in it’s place. Wonder who the first “Guest” will have the pleasure of staying in this gorgeous room. I will share the finished photos with you soon, so please check back and you won’t want to miss this transformation!

GC Concept Board

Here’s a few “in progress” shots. Hopefully this will get your imagination going…..and hopefully these will keep you intrigued and excited to check back for photos of the finished space!


You can hardly see it….but there are beautiful hand scraped hardwood floors under that construction paper.



Here’s a quick peek into the beautiful bathroom….as you can see, we had an interesting sloped ceiling to deal with. I think it’s charming….it adds character, don’t you think? Our frameless glass shower enclosure will go in next!


Oh, and did I mention? We have some amazing window treatments planned. Here’s the inspiration and concept board behind the design!



If you would like your home to be a true representation of YOU, your lifestyle and your personality, I can help you put your personal style into everything that surrounds you. Contact me today to schedule your *Free* phone consultation.

~ Jennifer


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Sneak Peek: Rustic Sunroom Retreat

08/20/2011 | Categories: Decorating, Furniture, Interior Design | Tags:

Mr. and Mrs. “C” are extending their current living space by adding on an 800 square foot sunroom addition to the rear of the house. The new sunroom extends directly off their current Breakfast Room creating a lovely Keeping Room for the couple to enjoy and share with family and guests. They are empty nesters so they didn’t decide to do this addition for additional needed space but rather the desire to create a wonderful retreat for the two of them to enjoy each others company and the view beyond the walls of windows.

We dove right into the function of the room. While their kids are of college age and did return home to visit often, the room would mostly be occupied by Mr. and Mrs. “C” alone (and did I mention, it’s a huge room). So popping a sofa and a single chair in the space just wouldn’t do!

We decided to break the room up in to two zones (could have even been three) in order to create the comfortable cozy feel that they both wanted. No need to designate one of the zones to an eating area because of the fact that they already had a Breakfast Room, Dining Room and Mrs. “C” just didn’t want an additional dining space.

They do have company sometimes and entertain once in a while, so additional seating was a must but it needed to function for just the two of them as well….it needed to be a place they would want to spend time together as well. Whether sipping coffee or reading a favorite book (or shelter magazine), it had to work for them! After all, they are the one’s living there and using the space, right.

We ended up submitting four to five different furniture plan variations for them to consider. Television viewing and comfort was very important to Mr. “C” and of course aesthetics were a must for Mrs. “C”. Here’s a peek at what we came up with. (Please share your thoughts and how you would use the space in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.)






As you can see, the placement of the sofa wasn’t a question. Mr. “C” knew he wanted it located right in front of the television for an optimal viewing experience. We were all set there! The question was, how do we want to use the rest of the room, or zone two as I like to call it. We ended up settling with a combination of a couple layouts. You see, coming up with the perfect plan and layout is a process. As the designer, you have get to know your client and how they live very well in order to come up with the best of both function and aesthetic. What is going to be the best outcome for the client…that’s the most important thing here folks! Here’s a “Sneak Peek” into the direction of the overall design. I can’t wait to share the colorful version with you soon. We began the fabrics and finish process with a beautiful linen print that Mrs. “C” just fell in love with. This fabric was the design inspiration the space was calling for!!

Sunroom Sketch

I’ll share our finish selections on another day and how we arrived at our decisions. It is really developing into an amazing project and Mr. and Mrs. “C” have been absolutely wonderful to work with. I am so happy to be involved in delivering a space that they will love and enjoy for many years to come!

If you would like your home to be a true representation of YOU, your lifestyle and your personality, I can help you put your personal style into everything that surrounds you. Contact me today to schedule your *Free* phone consultation.



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