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Before and After: Room Service Atlanta Project for a Great Charity Cause

It is finally time for the BIG reveal. My Room Service Atlanta project is complete and I could not be happier with the experience, the support, the generosity and the outcome! This was my first time partnering with RSA and I was blown away by the hard work and talent of all involved, from the other designers to the tradespeople donating their valuable time and to the vendors who gave and gave! Please see my list below of the wonderful support and donations that made this all possible for one very deserving girl!

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Decorating a Girl Room for a Charitable Cause

Stepping out for just a moment….

Have you ever wondered what your LIFE’S PURPOSE is or if you even have a purpose here at all? I truly believe we ALL have a grater purpose in life and we’re not all here ‘just because’. I’ve heard from others that it is life-changing to discover your purpose and figure out why you’re here. I am still on my path to discovery, inching closer and closer and I can’t wait to finally get there!

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