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Avoid This Mistake When Presenting a Design Project to Your Client

As Interior Designers, one of the first topics we discuss with a new client is COLOR. We want to know what colors they like and what colors they dislike. Most likely, this is one of the questions on your “New Client Questionnaire”.

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The Power of a Positive Mind and How to Create One for Yourself

Go 24 hours without complaining

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3 Amateur Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

As you may or may not know, I attended Kate Smith’s Sensational Color Training Class last week in Atlanta and I came away with some great information. I’ll be sharing some of what I learned here on my Blog over the next couple of weeks.

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How to Take the Fear out of Selecting Paint Colors – And Training in Atlanta

I find that most of my clients struggle when it comes to seeing or choosing color. Sometimes that is part of the reason why they hire me. They can’t visualize, they don’t know what the outcome will be and they are a little afraid.

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Are You Sabotaging Your Goals With These 7 Mistakes?

How are you feeling now that the first week of 2013 is behind us? How would you rate yourself so far on your resolutions, goals, and sticking to the plan? What if I told you that I haven’t set my goals yet for the New Year. I have a good idea, lots of notes, but I haven’t committed anything to paper just yet, AND I’m totally ok with it!

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High Point Market 2012 Fall Highlights

10/18/2012 | Categories: Education, Furniture, Interior Design, Travel, Uncategorized | Tags: , ,

I have been at the High Point Furniture Market for the last few days and have so much to share with you! Not only have I seen some great new furniture, furnishings and trends but I was able to catch up with many of my closest design friends and colleagues. I spent 5 full days searching high and low for new manufacturers and resources to help better serve my clients! I am completely re-energized and inspired and ready to jump right in and begin working on my new projects (more on those later)!

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I’m Sharing Design Presentation Tips Over at Layla Grayce Today!

09/20/2012 | Categories: Blogging, Decorating, Education, Interior Design, Tips | Tags: ,

I am very excited to be a guest over at the Layla Grayce blog today, The Back Room!! I’m sharing some insider tips and secrets to wowing your clients with presentations. Be sure to head over and check it out here!

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Experience the BRIZO Fashion Week Event

09/9/2012 | Categories: Bathrooms, Education, Fashion, Interior Design, Kitchens, Travel | Tags: , ,

I had such an amazing time being a part of the BRIZO Fashion Week Event in New York that I just had to share every minute with you (well almost). Hope you don’t mind the extra long blog post but there is just so much I want to share and I don’t want you to miss out on a single minute.

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A Sanctuary Designed Just for This Mom

07/30/2012 | Categories: Blogging, Decorating, Education, Interior Design | Tags:

It’s that time again! I’ve been asked to contribute to another fun monthly blog series put together by my friends over at Olioboard. For those that are not familiar, Olioboard is a fun tool for designing and creating spaces virtually on your computer. Interior Designers, decorators and home owners alike can use their mood board building software to look at their decorating ideas on paper before spending a dime…..and the best part is, it’s easy! You can see my Olioboard profile page here to see exactly how I use it for client projects. The last Monday Oliohop that I participated in was on Nursery Design and it too was a lot of fun and very inspiring.

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Project Sneak Peek: Client Presentation Tools

05/20/2012 | Categories: Business, Color, Decorating, Education, Furniture, Interior Design, Tips | Tags: , , , , ,

As an Interior Designer, I am always looking for new ways to clearly present my design ideas and concepts to clients. How can I show them what their space will look like before we even begin? How can I make them see what I see?

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