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My Friday Night Debate About Fireplaces Bookcases and Decorating

So last Friday (at 4:00….yes FOUR O’CLOCK….you know right before checking out for the weekend) my client and I start casually talking about how we’re going to handle “decorating” the fireplace wall. I thought it would be quick, make a decision and move on in to the weekend. not so much…..

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Before and After: A Master Bathroom Renovation

We completed this Master Bathroom renovation last year. I did post some photos of the after BUT I never really showed the BEFORE which is kind of the best part. Seeing where a room started and how much it has changed is always fun.

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A Sneak Peek of the Projects We Have Been Working On

It has been an absolutely amazing Summer and I thought it would be fun to give you a little peek into all that I have been working on and what has been happening behind the scenes at Jennifer Reynolds Interiors.

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Before and After: Room Service Atlanta Project for a Great Charity Cause

It is finally time for the BIG reveal. My Room Service Atlanta project is complete and I could not be happier with the experience, the support, the generosity and the outcome! This was my first time partnering with RSA and I was blown away by the hard work and talent of all involved, from the other designers to the tradespeople donating their valuable time and to the vendors who gave and gave! Please see my list below of the wonderful support and donations that made this all possible for one very deserving girl!

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Before and After: Baby Boy Nursery Design

Remember back a couple months ago I shared a little Sneak Peek of a sweet little boys Nursery that I had just completed? You can see the images here. Well I’m happy to say that my client’s precious bundle has finally arrived and they are happily enjoying their new space together!!

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Before and After: Atlanta Residence Gets a Living Room Make Over

05/8/2013 | Categories: Before and After, Decorating, Interior Design, Services, Tips, Window Treatments | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

I have recently had the pleasure of working with a young couple to design and decorate their new home in Atlanta and I thought I would share a little of the progress. We started on the Main Level Living Room, Dining Room and Foyer.

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Project Sneak Peek: From Drab and Dated to an Updated Traditional Treat

09/4/2011 | Categories: Before and After, Decorating, Furniture, Interior Design, Tips

I’m super excited to give you a little peek into my past week! I recently began working with a new client (who is ultra fabulous might I add). She’s so wonderful in every way….uber enthusiastic, trusting, reliable, and so, so open to fresh new ideas. She’s extremely appreciative and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the home of her dreams.

Mrs. P and The Mister have lived through renovations in the past (he even owns a building supply company in the area) so this wasn’t a new experience for them. They were looking to update their existing Kitchen which is currently a sea of maple cabinets and Corian countertops (well it was until I got a hold of it). They also wanted to move their existing dining space into what was a Keeping or sitting Room…..Formal Dining Room be gone!!

We are basically doing a slight face lift to the Kitchen, a very creative and functional furniture arrangement, new window treatments, new furniture and new accessories…..basically the whole enchilada!! The first round of business in the Kitchen was to cut down the bar to counter height….(if I had my way, I would never install another bar height counter in a Kitchen again)! We’re also painting the cabinets white (a very specific, carefully chosen shade of white) and doing a light glaze effect for depth.

Here’s a photo of what we’re working with (before of course:)

Mrs P Before

They want to dial down the formal feel and create a more casual and comfortable atmosphere for family and friends to gather. We pulled this entire project together on the fly as construction began before we even had our plan in place (less than a week after our first meeting)….and not my idea! We scrambled to locate new lighting fixtures and specify paint colors….long days and a lot of hours but so worth it!! I’ll leave the details of the process for another day. So many home owners and contractors don’t understand that selecting paint colors is one of the last things to do (should be easy, right). This is a decision best left after fabrics and finishes are all finalized. You see, it’s much easier to match paint to granite than the other way around!!

Any-who…’s a peek at the furniture layout that we pulled together. Mrs. P’s biggest request was that she be able to accommodate 10-20 people for dinned at times (most likely only twice a year during the holidays).


Ok…..I know what your thinking!! Is your first thought, how in the world is she going to accommodate 20 people in that room for dining?? There’s only a table set for 6. The dilemma is that for most of the year (363 days to be exact) the room has to function for just the 2 of them and sometimes 6 or so with their older children visit. If we just stuck a huge dining table in there to accommodate a large group, it would not only look bare, but it would never be used! And it’s the room directly off of the Kitchen.

So here’s my plan…..the 2 days a year that we need to host a large group, we’ll pull a little switch-a-roo! The 2 settees will act as a banquette, the parsons chairs (by the fireplace) will become our host and hostess chairs and we will move and fill in with all the other pieces (see below). This is the Houdini of all rooms…..if I do say so myself!! I just can’t wait to see it in action. Here’s a glimpse of what I’m talking about (this is a rough concept sketch, but hopefully you get the idea):


Now on to the fabrics and finishes….the fun stuff!! We are going with a colorful color scheme in the Keeping/ Dining Room (casual stone fireplace) and more of a monochromatic scheme in the TV/ Living Room (this room has the formal fireplace). I would love to hear your thoughts….and of course I will keep you posted and show you some finished shots when it’s all complete….can’t wait!!

Keeping/ Dining Room

Keeping Room

TV/ Living Room

TV Room

So there you have it in a nutshell!! AND to top off my week I had a meeting with another potential client to renovate and decorate her new 1974 Airstream Land Yacht….I know, can you believe it! I’m so excited about this….here’s a photo to tease you until next time!! You won’t believe her plans for this baby!


If you would like your home (or Airstream Land Yacht for that matter) to be a true representation of YOU, your lifestyle and your personality, I can help you put your personal style into everything that surrounds you. Contact me today to schedule your *Free* phone consultation.

~ ~Jennifer


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