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My Friday Night Debate About Fireplaces Bookcases and Decorating

So last Friday (at 4:00….yes FOUR O’CLOCK….you know right before checking out for the weekend) my client and I start casually talking about how we’re going to handle “decorating” the fireplace wall. I thought it would be quick, make a decision and move on in to the weekend. not so much…..

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A Sunday Book Review AND a GIVEAWAY!

“You should be surrounded by the things that tell the story of your life arranged in a beautiful way.” Kathryn M. Ireland

I was thrilled when a little surprise was delivered to my door step earlier this week. I knew Kathryn M. Ireland’s new book, Timeless Interiors had hit the book stores and I’ve been wanting to pick up a copy. My heavy project load and holiday preparations have held me up from getting to my local book store so imagine my delight when the publisher sent me a copy to enjoy! AND the best part is…..

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Why Architectual Details are an Important Part of any Design Project

Shall we continue with our fun little discussion about Design camp? If you missed Day 1 be sure to go back and check it out here. Day 2 is an interesting view on a very popular design topic – architectural details. And speaking of architecture, here’s a look out my hotel window. We stayed at the Peabody Hotel right downtown and from my room you could only really see the lovely neighboring hotel and not much else. It didn’t matter much because we didn’t spend hardly anytime in the room….enough time to regroup, recharge and prepare for the next day ahead.

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