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Why Choose JRi

If you’re anything like me, being “kept in the dark” is not a good feeling.

Here’s what I mean.

People are curious by nature. When we are knowledgeable about something – even if it’s just a little bit, we feel a sense of control and order.

It’s the unknown that causes concern and anxiousness.

Especially when it comes to interior design projects where people are investing sizeable sums of money.
When I was honing my skills and gaining experience working as an intern, I was amazed by something I kept seeing over and over again.

Most of the clients were kept in the dark as their project unfolded. Oh sure, there was the odd follow up meeting. A phone call to let the client know everything was on track. But for the most part, the client was not really an active participant in the process.

What a missed opportunity!

Perhaps the firm I worked at didn’t realize that by enveloping projects with a veil of mystery and secrecy, they were preventing clients from a total experience.

There was no enjoying the process. No involvement. Just a “thanks for the check, we’ll let you know when we’re through” kinda approach that left many clients on the outside looking in.

Were things on schedule? Was that special custom curtain order going to arrive on time? Was the project still on budget? The questions we all would have regarding any major project we took on.

Those questions often went unheard.

I vowed my practice would never operate like that.

As an open sharing person at heart, I know that for many of my clients, the process is just as important as the final outcome of the design.

That’s what I have put systems and processes in place to make sure you know where you stand – at all times.

Take our centralized Homebase command center as an example – a 24/7 project update system that can be used by everyone involved in your project to know exactly where things stand.

Want to know if that custom millwork has been completed? Or when that special sectional you ordered will be delivered? Maybe you just want an overall update on your project status.

Homebase puts the answers right at your fingertips – whenever you want.

That way, you’re “in the know.” In full control.

To learn more about how we can help you with your new home build or major renovation project, please call us today at 678-316-0113.

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